. In order to open an IRP account in California, you would need several authorities such as a DOT, ICC-MC, BOC3, CA#, Motor Carrier Permit (MCP), Employer Pull Notice (EPN) if you are registered as an LLC or Corporation, UCR, IFTA, New Mexico, Kentucky, New York and Oregon depending on the states you will be traveling through. In addition, you will be required to start filing quarterly reports (fuel taxes) to the states and be enrolled in a drug and alcohol program which we also provide here.

****Please keep in mind, in order to run out of state with IRP registration, the authorities need to be active first (DOT & MC numbers), and the MC number usually takes the longest, approximately 4-6 weeks to be active. During these weeks you must have your insurance post form 91X with FMCSA.



Trucks hauling heavy loads across America’s highways cause wear and tear on roads. To counterbalance that damage there are four states that require trucking companies to pay additional weight distance taxes to haul within their state lines. These additional taxes are used to keep their roads smooth and safe.

If you’re planning to have New York, New Mexico, Kentucky or Oregon in your trucking company’s regular route, you’ll likely want to complete these additional registration processes.


If you’re traveling through New Mexico and operate a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight over 26,000 pounds, you’ll need to register and pay the New Mexico Weight Distance Tax. Every quarter you’ll need to file and pay the appropriate taxes to the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division, which can be done electronically at


Hauling through Oregon with a commercial vehicle having a combined weight of 26,000 pounds or more, will require payment to the Oregon Weight-Mile Tax.. You’ll also be required to file a Highway Use Tax Bond with the Oregon Department of Transportation starting at $2,000 per vehicle. Most motor carriers are required to report mileage tax on a monthly by the last day of the following month


New York imposes a Highway Use Tax (HUT) on any motor carrier using New York highways with a gross vehicle weight over 18,000 pounds. These carriers are required to register and obtain a New York HUT certificate and decal.


Any carrier traveling through Kentucky with a declared vehicle weight equal to or greater than 59,999 pounds is required to register for the Kentucky Highway Use Tax (KYU). 

Quarterly tax filings will be completed online by registering for the KYU E-File Application.